School of Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice at Provident University is the pioneer in international education on crime and justice issues. The Provident School of Criminal Justice is specifically known for its education on areas like policing and security, international crimes, gender and justice and emerging crimes like cyber crimes, counterfeiting, piracy, data theft and extremist groups and terrorism.

Majors Offered by School of Criminal Justice:

The School of Criminal Justice offers a curriculum based program in criminal law. Our mission is to educate our students in becoming ethical and effective criminal lawyers through practice as well as through research and propose betterments in the criminal justice system in order to affect local and national reforms.

  • Criminal Justice
  • Cyber Crime
  • Private Security
  • Policing
  • Corrections
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Investigation

Programs offered by School of Criminal Justice

Rising crime and incarceration rates has increased the importance of criminal studies. In response to modern-day criminal activities, the field of criminal justice has had to evolve. Coping with the modern demand, Provident University offers wide range of programs to advance your career.

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Degree Programs Eligibility Criteria
Associate Degree Minimum high school or equiv.
Bachelor's Degree International education
Master’s Degree Minimum high school or equiv.
Doctorate Degree Minimum Bachelor's or equiv.
Doctorate Degree Minimum Master's or equiv.

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Facts and Figures

Provident faculty memberships create a truly global learning environment with their extensive experience and qualifications, with over 70% holding Ph.D.'s

Provident alumni enjoy a high employability rate and more than 80% of them are working for Fortune 500 companies.